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The Semiconductor Wave of Supply and Demand

Posted By Chris Gerrish on Jan 26, 2016

Just as an ocean wave, the supply and demand of semiconductors is up and down. In the low point of the supply wave, the industry faces shortages, long factory lead times and allocations, which can drive some customers into risky and sometimes dangerous areas, including gray market, un-traceable, un-reliable and/or counterfeit products. On the high [...]

Introducing Rochester's New and Improved Web Site!

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Welcome to our new and improved web site!

Posted By Chris Gerrish on Feb 20, 2012

I am very happy that our new web site is finally here! After many months of work, we have tried hard to create a site that is functional, attractive and easy to navigate. So what’s new? Well, let me give you a few details…

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Patriots vs. Ravens AFC Title Game Grips Rochester

Posted By Chris Gerrish on Jan 20, 2012

With headquarter’s in Newburyport, MA, the Rochester team is confidentally awaiting Sunday’s AFC title game. I know who we are rooting for up in MA, but not sure about our co-workers in the Rochester design office located in MD!