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TP80C51FA _dip40

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TP80C51FA – in stock NOW!!!

Posted By Bob Wiles on Jan 26, 2012

As you might already know, Rochester Electronics has been supporting Intel’s EOL (end of life) products for nearly 20 years. Our finished inventory of Intel products is in the millions, and our manufacturing portfolio of Intel products ranges from commercial grade flash memory products to fully compliant military grade processors and controllers. We are excited [...]


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74FR16245QC – New from Rochester!

Posted By Bob Wiles on Jan 25, 2012

Rochester Electronics is excited to announce that we’ve added the 74FR16245QC to our manufacturing portfolio! Originally offered by Fairchild Semiconductor, the 16245 is a commercial grade dual 8-bit BUS transceiver in a 44-pin PLCC package. The 74FR16245 contains sixteen non-inverting bidirectional buffers with 3-STATE outputs and is intended for bus-oriented applications. Current sinking capability is [...]

New device from Rochester Electronics!

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Intersil’s HI1-5041-8 now available from Rochester Electronics

Posted By Bob Wiles on Jan 24, 2012

Rochester Electronics has recently completed final assembly and test of our first production run of 5041/BEA (M38510/10502BEA) as a continuing source for Intersil’s discontinued HI1-5041-8. This fully qualified military device (QML)  is a dual SPST analog switch and comes in a 16 lead ceramic DIP package. (To view Rochester’s QMLcertification, click here.) Features +-15V Wide Analog [...]

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Patriots vs. Ravens AFC Title Game Grips Rochester

Posted By Chris Gerrish on Jan 20, 2012

With headquarter’s in Newburyport, MA, the Rochester team is confidentally awaiting Sunday’s AFC title game. I know who we are rooting for up in MA, but not sure about our co-workers in the Rochester design office located in MD!  

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California Micro Devices now available from Rochester

Posted By Bob Wiles on Jan 9, 2012

When On Semiconductor announced their plans to  acquire California Micro Devices in 2009, they strengthened their offering for application specific integrated passive (ASIP) devices and several other key areas such as protection devices. Then, when On Semi then trimmed the CMD portfolio in 2011, they strengthened Rochester’s offering to our customers by selling us over [...]