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military satellite connection

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Spare Parts for the Satellite Market (Part 2)

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 28, 2013

The satellites that circle the Earth for both military and commercial applications are expensive items – in fact, most contractors measure their annual production volume in the single digits. Once a satellite is launched, supporting and repairing these costly devices become a problem. (See previous post) Many satellites that are obsolete or have failed still have usable antennas, solar arrays, [...]


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Spare Parts for the Satellite Market (Part 1)

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 27, 2013

Satellites aren’t usually an issue of concern unless they are damaged, don’t work, or are about to fall to earth as space junk. But both public and private communications networks rely heavily on satellites, which for electronics, is a big business. For example, the global market for military satellites alone hit $11.8 billion in 2012, [...]


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The Paris Air Show Wraps up it’s 50th Year!

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 26, 2013

Here is a fun fact for the day: In 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed at the Paris Le Bourget Airport in France after completing a 33-hour non-stop air flight between American and Europe. Today, a flight between NY and Paris takes, at most, 7 hours.  Needless to say, technology within the aerospace industry has come a [...]

How Do You Know Its Green

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How Do You Know it’s Green?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 25, 2013

Many electronics companies need components that, for one reason or another, have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Equipment with long life-cycles, such as medical systems; military and defense equipment; and industrial machinery, often needs repairs that require a component that was made 10 or more years ago. However, since the EU’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances [...]

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Rochester expanding customer support in Southern Europe

Posted By Christina Gerrish on

Bonnes Nouvelles! In an effort to excel in Rochester’s enhanced Service and Support in the Southern European Region we are proud to introduce Ms. Bernie Pichon! Ms. Pichon has recently joined the EMEA team in St. Neots, England as Strategic Account Manager. Bernie brings with her extensive experience of the EMEA Semiconductor Market, having worked [...]

capitol hill

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Rochester Attends Capitol Hill Counterfeit Discussion

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 24, 2013

As an active member of the SIA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force (ACTF), Rochester Electronics attends the quarterly D.C. Counterfeit Microelectronics Working Group sessions as well as ACTF meetings. On June 5th, I joined fellow ACTF members from ST Micro, Analog Devices, and Texas Instruments and spent the day talking to various representatives and staff on Capitol Hill. The goal of the June 5th meetings was to educate [...]

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Welcoming Art Briere!

Posted By Christina Gerrish on

We are pleased to introduce Art Briere as the Global Segment Manager for Telecom/Networking and Eastern Regional Manager for Canada. Art will be a key player in developing Rochester’s solutions within the Telecom and Networking segment. Product support within this segment can extend for 10, 20 or more years and without a reliable continuing source [...]


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Sub-standard parts ALWAYS lose the game

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 21, 2013

As the National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) 2013 post-season enters its final chapter with the Boston Bruins facing the Chicago Blackhawks, we see many comparisons between hockey’s illustrious quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup and the acquisition of end-of-life (EOL)/obsolete devices. Originally commissioned in 1892 as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, Lord Stanley’s Cup is the oldest of [...]


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NSREC is right around the corner!

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 18, 2013

Here at Rochester Electronics when our weather thermometers are rising, children are trading their pencils for sunscreen, and highways are filled with tourist license plates it can only mean one thing… the NSREC event is right around the corner! Whispers through the office are eager to engage with old and new friends about the advances [...]


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What were you doing in 1991?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Jun 17, 2013

Rochester’s Design Group in Rockville Maryland has an original Sun Sparcstation-20 from the late 1980’s that has to keep its date somewhere in 1991 to continue to enable LSI’s MDE (version 10) chip design tools running. The original authorization code for the software is time stamped so the machine date has to remain in 1991. [...]