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What Does “Quality” Mean to You?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 30, 2013

 At Rochester Electronics, quality-related best practices are a part of each department’s  daily operations, and as part of the Rochester business model,  ”protecting the brand” is  every employee’s responsibility. Whether it is assisting customers in sales,  semiconductor test procedures, device inspection upon receipt, processing orders in  administration, or shipping, quality standards and guidelines are always present and  [...]

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Managing the Unmanageable: Part 1

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 29, 2013

Thanks to a number of trends that are accelerating component obsolescence, the electronics supply chain is paying more attention to the acronym PLM – product life-cycle management. Without getting too technical, PLM is the stuff suppliers and customers have to worry about if an electronic component becomes obsolete. These two parties have the most headaches, [...]

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Rochester Electronics will be Attending the Upcoming CEDA 2013 in Xi’an, China! ..Will you?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 27, 2013

From August 28th through August 30th, 2013 CNT Networks will be hosting the annual China Electronics Distributor Alliance (CEDA) Executive Conference  at the Xi’an Ziction Liberal Hotel at the Xi’an Tech Park located in Xi’an, China. The basis of this conference is to further develop and understand the policies and regulations that are in place for [...]

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Another day, another visitor.

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 22, 2013

 Here at 16 Malcolm Hoyt Drive, we have an abundance of wildlife that visits on a daily basis; making their  home among our on-site ponds and wooded areas. Upon entering the campus each morning, you never know  what to expect. Flocks of geese have taken over our ponds, and ultimately our entire driveway (but we [...]

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Existing Equipment Still has Staying Power – Part 2

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 21, 2013

In Part 1 of this blog, we discussed disruptive technology as it pertains to the medical equipment  market.  Due to the high cost of leading-edge medical technology, sales are lagging for the most  cutting-edge systems, such as hybrid x-rays, which combine radiology/cardiology interventional  x-ray systems. In fact, investment in high-value medical equipment overall has been [...]

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Putting Semiconductors to the Test in Newburyport, MA

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 20, 2013

  FACT: Newburyport, Massachusetts is home to one of the most unique and   innovative business models on the planet. With regional headquarters in London,   Munich, Shanghai, Tokyo, and a Design and Technology Center in Maryland,   Rochester Electronics’ 5-building campus in Newburyport is continually expanding   and evolving. Although we have the most [...]


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Existing Equipment Still has Staying Power – Part 1

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 19, 2013

Any time a disruptive technology comes along, prior generations of similar technologies are impacted. In the consumer market, customers generally adopt new technology rapidly if the price is right. For higher-value equipment, though, prior generations may find a new lease on life while customers wait until new technology price points come down. This is likely [...]


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Hey buddy, can you spare a gyroscope?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 16, 2013

Today’s Boston Globe provides a classic example of what can happen to high-tech equipment when you can’t get spare parts: Plagued by broken part, Kepler telescope will hunt planets no more By Carolyn Y. Johnson “After months of trying to fix the Kepler space telescope’s positing mechanism, NASA officials said Thursday that they are giving [...]

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Rochester Electronics is Expanding!

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 15, 2013

Just in case you have not heard, Rochester Electronics has great plans in store to expand our Newburyport campus! What does this mean for our customers? It means even MORE services and an even GREATER line-up of capabilities to service your mature semiconductors! What is going on today? We are currently working on an expansion and renovation project within our building [...]

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Who is Watching Out for Your Repair Needs?

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Aug 14, 2013

  Most markets don’t realize a key product is in short supply until an OEM places an order that can’t be fulfilled. Shortages usually occur because of a spike in demand or something that interrupts production such as a natural disaster. Sometimes even a market’s growth can be hindered due to short supply: PC makers [...]