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Guest Blog: EETimes – Semiconductor Packaging Is No Longer ‘Standard’

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Feb 11, 2014

Marketing and Communications Director, George Karalias, guest blogged recently on, an industry-leading publication. His blog discussed how “standard packaging” has become obsolete, and original component manufacturers (OCM) such as Intel and TI and are turning implementing custom substrates for flip-chip BGA packaging technologies into their leading processors.

As taken from this guest blog:

“Do you remember the days when a semiconductor product was multi-sourced and presented in standard packaging? Standard packaging used to be basic through-hole products like DIPs and PGAs. In the 1990s, surface mount packaging became the new volume packaging, but components were still available in standard packaging configurations and, many times, were multi-sourced. When component engineers or supply chain personnel would order a semiconductor product, the packaging options were understood and well-known by everyone. This held true until about 10 years ago when flip-chip packaging came into play; as a result, products are no longer multi-sourced…”

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