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Why Purchasing Hi-Rel Components the Right Way Matters

Posted By Christina Gerrish on Feb 21, 2014

Before you begin diving into this blog piece, take a moment to step out of your comfort zone and into the shoes of military personnel who has found themselves on the front-line of battle. This specific person you have become has been using mission-critical equipment that must operate under some of the most severe conditions in their current environment, including operating in 100+ degree temperatures for 8 or more hours each day. In this moment you realize just how much you rely on the proper functionality of your equipment, as you cannot afford to waste any time fixing defects because it puts your life at risk. These types of scenarios need to be considered every time the procurement of mission-critical, hi-reliability devices takes place.

Hi-reliability devices are those components with a 10-20 year life-cycle that can withstand harsh environments with a low-failure percentage. These devices are used in critical applications among industries such as Military and Defense because of their robust nature. Taking shortcuts in the procurement process of such devices in effort to adhere to budget cuts will end up costing more money in the long run, and worst case scenario, it will put more lives at stake.

Due to the nature of hi-reliability devices, they require more rugged test measurements and therefore cost more than a typical off-the-shelf device. As a result, military customers have been turning to cost-saving methods on their hi-reliability devices that will extend the life of their current applications. Cost saving plans may include scouring the semiconductor supply chain to find the cheapest option for the devices needed to keep electronics-based applications up and running. What happens next in this case is procurement personnel end up finding the cheapest source within the supply chain, which makes sense in the short term, but unfortunately, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

At Rochester Electronics, we assure that the hi-reliability devices manufactured are fit for harsh conditions and a variety of environments. Rochester manufactures these devices to meet MIL-STD and screening requirements for each specific class as long as the applicable die is available, and also for MTO devices and enhanced plastic flows. Rochester is fully-licensed and authorized by over 60 original component manufacturers, and has an environmental testing lab that includes tests such as extreme heat and extreme cold. Rochester Electronics guarantees that the hi-reliability devices received are of the highest quality and reliability, which helps eliminate the risk of application failure and any redesign costs associated with defects.