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A Look Into Rochester’s Factory Authorized Safety Stock (FASSt™) Program.

Posted By Christina Gerrish on May 5, 2014

Did you know that Rochester Electronics has active devices?

Rochester’s FASSt ™ (Factory Authorized Safety Stock) is for times when active devices are not available from traditional authorized distributors or have a long factory lead time. Rochester’s Safety Stock is a valuable asset to customers who need an immediate solution when semiconductors are in limited supply, and enables engineers to continue designing-in semiconductors without fear of end-of-life scenarios. The FASSt™ program is complementary to the main sales channel and, in cooperation with more than 60 leading Original Component Manufacturers, makes billions of active semiconductors available immediately. Original manufacturers and Rochester Electronics have contractual agreements that span decades, allowing access to over-stock, active parts in preparation for availability in times when supply is limited due to factory production lead times and increased demand, eliminating potential shortages for critical devices. This program also eliminates the threat of counterfeit devices reaching a production line. All devices are fully traceable to the original semiconductor manufacturer. Components include those suitable for military applications and have a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance. The FASSt™ program is a tremendous resource to keep production lines running without interruption.

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