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Extension Of Life

Posted By Christina Gerrish on May 16, 2014


Sometimes we need to compare things to the simplest things that surround us. With this in mind, how is the re-creation of a semiconductor similar to the air we breathe? Think about this: what if scientists were to discover that one of the critical components of the air we breathe…the very thing that keeps us alive…was running out soon with no chance of being replenished? The consequences to the planet’s ecosystem would be catastrophic, to say the least. Scientists would be scrambling for a long-term solution and a way to re-create the critical component, atom-for-atom, to assure the continuance of the ecosystem, uninterrupted and safe.

On a more localized level, this same scenario plays out constantly in the semiconductor world, where original manufacturers of a critical device will stop production of that device, sometimes without adequate warning. Many of these devices are integral to military, medical, aerospace and other equipment that, without them, would halt production of new builds or cease a supply of devices for repairs of existing equipment. This is where Rochester comes in. If existing finished inventory stock is depleted, Rochester’s ability to re-create, pin-for-pin and cycle-for-cycle, the critical component needed to keep a long-term supply of components without interruption is crucial. Rochester works with customers and original component manufacturers (OCM) to formulate the best replication solution and can re-create devices even when original tooling no longer exists. Just as “emulation” of a critical air chemical would merely mimic its characteristics with no guarantee of performance and safety, Rochester’s Semiconductor Re-Creation Process ™ is a drop-in replacement of the original semiconductor and not a mimicked emulation. Rochester’s end result of “identicality” is what makes our Extension-of-Life® products and solutions truly the best in the world.