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Meet The Rochester Electronics Summer Interns

Posted By Noah Tanguay-Collins on Jun 30, 2016

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to work with ten fantastic interns from schools across the U.S. Our interns are majoring in business, mechanical, civil,  and electrical engineering, and a variety of other academic disciplines. Each intern has brought their unique skill set, passion and personality to the Rochester Electronics team.

Because our interns are so amazing, we wanted to share a little bit about them with all of you. This is the first of our summer-long blog series in which we’ll introduce you to our summer interns, let you learn a little about them and find out what it’s like interning at Rochester.

This week, we’re introducing you to Connor Morrison!

Connor is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at the University of Maine, and is planned to graduate in 2017. Outside of the classroom, Connor participates in intramural football, soccer, lifting and is an avid piano player. Connor pursued an internship at Rochester Electronics to gain real, hands-on work experience, and to help launch his post-graduate career. This is Connor’s second summer interning with Rochester Electronics; his favorite part of interning is designing parts to be used on the assembly floor by machines, or operators to improve processes.

Connor described his internship experience as a great opportunity for broadening your horizons, regardless of the field you wish to pursue. Connor would recommend Rochester Electronics to undergraduate and graduate students because they give interns a great opportunity for broadening your horizon in the field you wish to pursue. As an intern, Rochester will assign responsibility and treat you as an asset to the company rather than just show you what they do. As a last piece of advice Connor notes it’s important to ask a lot of questions, and accept the fact that you will be referred to as “ the co-op” every now and then.

Welcome back, Connor and stay tuned to meet the rest of the interns!