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Meet The Interns Part II

Posted By Noah Tanguay-Collins on Jul 11, 2016

As the summer’s progressed, many of us have had the opportunity to work with our amazing team of summer interns. Each intern has brought their unique skill set, passion and personality to the Rochester Electronics team. This is the second installment of our summer-long blog series in which we’ll introduce you to our summer interns, let you learn a little about them and find out what it’s like interning at Rochester.

This week, we’re introducing you to Jacob Kravits and Courtney Videchak!

Jacob is a Civil Engineering student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and is planned to graduate in 2019. Outside of the classroom, Jacob participates in the Seismic Design Team, the frisbee golf club, and plays the bagpipes in his spare time. Jacob pursued an internship at Rochester

Electronics because he wanted to learn some programing and gain job experience. Jacob has enjoyed his internship at Rochester, and feels they’ve done a good job at making him feel as though he’s part of the company, and not just someone they hired for the summer. One of the projects Jacob is working on this summer is the update from Syspro 6.1 to Syspro 7.

Jacob described his internship experience as an overall great experience. He’s learned a lot, and would encourage other students to work at Rochester.

Jacob would recommend Rochester Electronics to all students because the organization is a good size, where its larger than a small company, but is also not so large that you get lost in a sea of people. As a last piece of intern advice, Jacob suggests you be willing to help out, and not to expect to do the same thing every day.

Courtney is a Mechanical Engineering student with a Math minor at Merrimack College, and is planned to graduate in 2019. Even outside the classroom, Courtney finds herself back in one, participating in the Honors College at Merrimack, or jaunting off to our neighbors of the North since she has dual citizenship from the US and Canada. Courtney started interning at Rochester Electronics in the hopes to learn more about the mechanical engineering field, and what a mechanical engineer does on a daily basis in the real world. This is Courtney’s first engineering internship, but did intern in IT for Rochester Electronics last summer.

Courtney’s favorite part of interning is seeing the other interns and getting to know them because they all go to very different schools. Courtney also noted how everyone that works at Rochester is very nice and friendly, which was another huge plus! Among a variety of other projects, Courtney is currentlyworking on making a universal docking plate for the test floor. As some last advice Courtney would tell prospective interns that the program here at Rochester is growing and getting better every year, and it’s definitely a place to look for an internship moving forward.

Welcome and welcome back Jacob and Courtney! Stay tuned to meet the rest of the interns!