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Meet The Interns Part III

Posted By Noah Tanguay-Collins on Jul 18, 2016
Summer is now in full-swing and it’s already time to introduce two more of our summer interns. Each intern has brought their unique skill set, passion and personality to the Rochester Electronics team. This is the third installment of our summer-long blog series where we introduce you to our summer interns, let you learn a little about them and find out what it’s like interning at Rochester. This week, we’re introducing you to Joseph Dussi and Elizabeth O’Connor!


Joseph Dussi is entering his senior year at George Mason University, studying business. At George Mason, Joseph is a member of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, where he’s had the privilege to serve on the Executive Council as Secretary and Public Relations Chair. Pi Kappa Phi operates its own Philanthropy, The Ability Experience (formerly known as Push America), which works with individual chapters to serve, fundraise, and raise awareness for people with both physical and mental disabilities. This is one way Pi Kappa Phi counters negative stereotypes surrounding fraternities. In addition to being involved in Greek Life at school, Joseph is also very active with club and intramural basketball, soccer and flag football.

When searching for a summer internship, a few possibilities came to Joseph’s mind, but none stacked-up to Rochester Electronics. Joseph was interested in an internship at Rochester Electronics, because of the company’s remarkable history of success, global presence, and ability to be a part of both the sales and marketing team.Joseph has had the privilege to work on several projects, and build positive and meaningful relationships. Joseph has found the internship program exceptionally beneficial. Through meetings, working on shared projects, and more; the internship program has kept Joseph engaged and interested in the many departments that make up, Rochester. Being part of the summer internship program, Joseph enjoys having a core group of peers that are all a similar age, communicate frequently and serve as a great resource to one another.

Rochester Electronics provides each intern with ample learning opportunities, gives advice and feedback, whether it be about work, academics, or life. You truly get out what you put in at Rochester Electronics. If you are seeking an internship or career with an excellent company culture and are ready to commit yourself “to supplying products that satisfy customer expectations for quality and service and are equal to those originally supplied by the Industry manufactures,” then you have already taken the first step.

Elizabeth O’Connor is going to be a senior at Bentley University, majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communication with a minor in Computer Information Systems, graduating in 2017. Elizabeth is on the Ultimate Frisbee team and is also in a club called “Falcon Records” where they help musicians on campus promote their music to gain exposure. Elizabeth wanted to intern at Rochester Electronics because her mother has worked at Rochester for many years so Elizabeth has been able to see what a great company Rochester is and how rapidly they’ve grown. While Rochester Electronics is a successful company, they still look for ways to improve, which stood out to Elizabeth.

Last summer, Elizabeth worked in Dublin, Ireland as a Digital Marketing Intern. Elizabeth loved learning more about a field that she’s interested in, while also immersing herself in a different culture on a different continent altogether. Elizabeth has been able to apply a lot of the skills she learned there to her internship at Rochester Electronics. Elizabeth’s favorite part of her internship this summer has been applying what she’s learned in classes. As Elizabeth continues to work at Rochester, she’s noticed how her classes tie together with what she’s doing, and how her work is adding to her marketing knowledge. Elizabeth is working on several projects with Noah Tanguay-Collins, updating our social media accounts and strategy. Elizabeth consistently posts to our blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in efforts to expand Rochester’s global exposure.

Elizabeth would describe her internship at Rochester as a worthwhile learning experience. There are many people that are willing to help you expand your knowledge in whatever field you’re interning for at Rochester. Elizabeth would recommend Rochester Electronics to other students because they offer a great internship program where you can get to work in and learn about an industry that many people do not have a lot of knowledge in. Elizabeth’s advice is to make sure you have a professional looking resume and don’t “freak out” too much over the interview. Whatever you are applying for you have the knowledge to be successful there, so trust that you know what you are talking about and show your personality. People want to hire confident individuals, so even if you are really nervous, practice staying calm and keeping your voice steady and clear. Elizabeth guarantees the interviewer will have no idea that you’re even a little bit nervous.



Thank you, Elizabeth and Joseph! 

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the interns!