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Meet The Interns Part IV

Posted By Noah Tanguay-Collins on Jul 28, 2016

Our interns have been working extremely hard this summer; both on their tans and their internship projects. At Rochester, interning is about so much more than getting coffee and recording the “minutes” in meetings; our interns add purposeful value to our organization over the long-term. Each intern has brought their unique skill set, passion and personality to the Rochester Electronics team. This is the fourth installment of our summer-long blog series in which we’ll introduce you to our summer interns, let you learn a little about them and find out what it’s like interning at Rochester. This week, we’re introducing you to Kat Norton, and Dan Gray!

Kat Norton is entering her senior year at High Point University, majoring in Business Administration, with a minor in Sales. However, Kat will be studying abroad this upcoming fall semester in Florence, Italy where she will attend Lorenzo De Medici, and is enrolled in 5 international business and marketing courses. Kat is an active member of the Kappa Delta Sorority, which has close ties to the Girls Scouts of the USA, and Prevent Child Abuse America. Kat has also served as the Tumblr Chair and Photographer chair for the Kappa Delta Sorority the past 2 semesters, and helped contribute to the sorority’s social media content. Kat pursued an internship at Rochester Electronics because of our warm and welcoming culture. Kat noted that Rochester’s employees seemed as though they worked really well together. Kat wanted to be part of an organization that would be an educational experience but also fun and closely-knit, making Rochester the clear choice.

Before Kat came to Rochester, she interned for Pink Mannequin; a small privately owned company. The owner was a representative for several clothing lines and acted as an intermediary, selling clothing to small boutiques and shops around the North East. During her internship, Kat helped with inventory and the financial work from buyers. Kat also helped run a trade show, which she really enjoyed; especially applying the skills that she’d learned from school and interning. Kat’s favorite parts of working at Rochester are the people and the environment. “Everyone is very nice and everyone always says hi, even if they don’t know who I am.” Kat has had a fantastic time interning with Rochester this summer, and although the Internship Program is relatively new, Kat finds that the mentors and bosses have done a great job introducing the interns to the business world. Kat feels as though she’s learned an incredible amount in the past 4 weeks, that she couldn’t have possibly learned in a classroom.

Beyond learning about Human Resources, Kat has learned about other departments at Rochester Electronics through conversations, and weekly meetings with the other interns. Both Kat’s mentor and boss have been great about introducing her to Human Resources, and allowing her to work alongside them to learn even more.

As a word of advice, Kat would advise students looking for internships to be open to different companies and positions. Kat had no experience with Human Resources before coming to Rochester Electronics, and now she loves working in Human Resources. Kat would also advise students looking for internships to apply to places based on the experience that you hope to receive.

“Being an intern at Rochester Electronics has given me so much real world experience, and I know that I’ll be so much more prepared for the real world having completed this internship.”

Dan Gray attends the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, where he plans on graduating December, 2016 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Dan also holds a B.M. in Music Education from the same institution, graduating in 2010. Dan taught instrumental music for Grades 5-12 before returning to earn his BSEE. Dan was involved with many organizations while pursuing his first degree from UNH, but now is more focused on graduating as rapidly as possible. During the school year, and some summers, Dan was a Test Engineer at a large facility on campus called the UNH InterOperability Laboratory. Working there over the last two years, Dan has developed test suites and performed testing on a variety of devices and technologies. This internship at Rochester Electronics allows Dan to expand his abilities to a different layer of technology, while further building engineering skills.

As an engineer, Dan has found his internship project most interesting; building this project from start to finish. Many of Dan’s peers who are holding summer internships at other companies are involved with projects, but are limited to one aspect of the design process. Here, not only is Dan able to work on all areas of a project, but also influence its direction. Many different aspects of Dan’s coursework – from Digital Design to Electromagnetics – have shown themselves in his work throughout the last few months.

“This internship has allowed me to utilize the knowledge I’ve learned over the last three years in concrete ways.”

Dan’s advice to anyone that’s interested in an internship with any company should be meticulous with their resume. It’s easy to forget successful projects, substantial papers, and other accomplishments while coursework is flying by. Taking some time to keep a resume up to date is an easy way to save time and frustration when an interesting internship pops up.

Thank you, Kat and Dan, and stay tuned to meet the rest of the interns!