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Meet The Interns Part V

Posted By Noah Tanguay-Collins on Aug 18, 2016

With the end of summer fast approaching, we’re happy to introduce you to two more of our summer interns. Our interns have brought their unique skill set, passion and personality to the Rochester Electronics team. This is the fifth, and final installment of our summer-long blog series where we’ve let you learn a little about our interns and found out what it’s like interning at Rochester. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this summer blog series, and be sure to learn more about the rest of the interns at This week, we’re introducing you to Olivia Morrison, and Courtney Mitchell!

Olivia Morrison will be entering her sophomore year at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine this fall, majoring in accounting and finance. Olivia is planning to graduate from Saint Joseph’s College, May 2019. On campus, Olivia is an active member of Saint Joseph’s student activities board, and also participates in several intramural sports. Olivia had a previous internship at a medical office where she used different databases and spreadsheets. So, Olivia decided that interning at Rochester Electronics would be the perfect opportunity to develop as well as acquire new skills.

While interning in assembly, Olivia has quickly learned how the Rochester business model operates from start to finish. This internship has placed a huge emphasis on how crucial attention to detail and organization is for a company to function properly, and remain successful, according to Olivia. In just a few weeks Olivia has been exposed to different skills that she can use after this internship. Olivia is very grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to learning more over the next few weeks!

Courtney Mitchell will be entering her sophomore year at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth this fall, pursuing a three plus three program, so she can double major in crime and justice studies, and law in six years rather than eight years. Outside of the classroom, Courtney has been competing in cross country and track and field since elementary school. Courtney described running as part of who she is. At her school now, Courtney is still running track and field. Courtney competes in mid distance sprinting as her main event, but she has done some throwing, hurtling and vaulting over her athletic career. Courtney has found being part of a team like the ones she has, to be an amazing journey.

Courtney has chosen to study crime and justice studies because ever since she was little, joining the FBI was her number one goal. Courtney’s career plan is to eventually become a field agent. Courtney wants to be one of the agents out in the field, helping others, and preventing bad things from happening. These reasons are also why Courtney would like to join the military, so she can protect her country. Courtney is studying law so when she can no longer be a field agent, she can become a DA. The three plus three program Courtney is enrolled in gives her the opportunity to make both of those career goals happen sooner.

Courtney knows this internship isn’t exactly geared toward her majors, but has found that the experience has definitely helped her in many ways. Rochester Electronics has helped Courtney make connections with many great people, helped improve her computer skills, and abilities to search for information. Courtney has found her summer at Rochester to be an incredible hands on learning experience, and is looking forward to what the rest of her internship will bring!

Welcome Olivia and Courtney!