Maintaining core architectures from one product generation to the next

32-Bit Micro_image_APR2021-Apr-01-2021-09-13-01-80-PMElectronic designers place a high priority on their microprocessor and microcontroller selection. This choice greatly influences the current design, and likely future designs. The weighted characteristics of performance, price, power, and package are key metrics for all designs. However, with MPUs and MCUs there is the added dimension of the operating systems, software, and development tools. Many applications expect and need long-term product support. Once an MPU or MCU has been selected, there is a strong preference to maintain the core architecture from one product generation to the next.

Based on a wide selection, 32-bit MPUs and MCUs have developed into the optimal choice for many designs. Devices are available from multiple suppliers and cover both industry standard and proprietary architectures, including options for migration to 64-Bit performance. Once an architecture has been chosen, the designer can then proceed to select the best device within a family based on performance, power, and peripheral mix. However, even with the careful selection of a well-supported architecture, changes in semiconductor technology can still result in individual devices going end-of-life or exhibiting limited availability.

Rochester Electronics is the world's largest continuous source of semiconductors. We are focused on supporting customers through availability challenges. Our 32-Bit Micro portfolio has product availability covering the top CPU core architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, and x86. Our inventory is 100% authorized and guaranteed from top microprocessor suppliers including NXP, Texas Instruments, Intel, Infineon, and many others. There are over 16 million units of MPU/MCU stock available, comprised of 6,000-part numbers with a mix of 35% EOL to 65% Active products. In addition, through our licensed manufacturing services, Rochester supports ongoing production for a variety of products, including the MC68040 microprocessor, the TC1130 microcontroller, the TMS320C50 digital signal processor, and the 25PPC750xxx PowerPC processor.

Core Architecture Families

ARM Core


x86 Architecture


PowerPC Architecture

58600E DSC

ColdFire CPU


MC68000 CPU

i960 CPU

TriCore CPU - TCxxxx


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