Rochester’s role in the product integration process

Acquisitions and consolidations have played a key factor in shaping the semiconductor industry since the 1970s. Original component manufacturers’ (OCMs) motivations are clear; a larger critical mass makes it easier to fund necessary fab investments and, acquisitions strengthen and maintain profitability.

Top suppliers, such as Infineon Technologies, have strengthened their acquisition portfolio by working closely with trusted partners, like Rochester Electronics, to ensure customers experience a smooth and manageable transition through their product integration process. Infineon has partnered with Rochester Electronics for over 15 years, both directly and through its acquired manufacturers.

The combined Infineon portfolios position them as a top supplier in several key technologies such as power management, power discrete, microcontroller, and memory. As the diagram below shows, Infineon’s acquisitions have included many well-known and well-respected manufacturers.


Rochester stocks over 350 million units of 100% authorized and guaranteed Infineon Technologies product which is comprised of more than 19,000-part numbers.

Our Infineon inventory includes several products where licensed manufacturing agreements have allowed Rochester to extend the product life cycle and continue customer support. Examples of these include the TC1130 microcontroller, the BTS550/BTS555 PROFET® power switch, and the Cypress FIFO/Dual Port product line.

Continued support for historical technologies:

  • Legacy 5V/3.3V/2.5V technologies
  • 8 – 16 Bit Processor technologies
  • Larger historical fab geometries
  • Small historical memory sizes
  • FRAM-Ferroelectric random-access memory
  • NOR Flash – MirrorBit
  • Power Control – COOLMOS, COOLiRIGBT

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Rochester’s complete Infineon acquisition portfolio includes:






International Rectifier




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