NXP 80C51-based 8/16-bit MCU Family

NXP_MCU_campaign_MAR2020The '8051' has been one of the most prolific microcontroller CPUs for over 3 decades. NXP Semiconductors through its heritage with Philips Semiconductors was a primary source for these products. To provide continued customer support, NXP transferred their 80C51-based 8/16-bit MCU product line to Rochester Electronics. 

Rochester’s long-term support includes a license to manufacture over 135-part numbers and acquisition of all associated product design, manufacturing, and test information, including the legacy test systems and programs.  

The products covered by this partnership include ROM-less, OTP-EPROM, and Flash-based devices which range from the standard 80C51 types to versions with improved performance and added features. The clock frequencies range up to 33Mhz, supply voltages cover from 2.7V to 5.5V and temperature range covers commercial, industrial, and a few extended 125°C devices. Additional features include ADC's, DAC's, PWM's, Capture/Compare Units, UARTS, I2C, SPI, and on-chip oscillators. Several devices also have integrated CAN Controllers. 

Devices from NXP's Low Pin Count (LPC) family and their eXtended Architecture (XA) family are also among the offering. The LPC family provides small low pin-count packages and lower memory density for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications.  The XA family provides a 16-bit migration path from the standard 80C51 architecture. This allows for higher performance, expanded addressing, multitasking, and direct real-time support along with high-level support for C-programming.

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