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As the global economy looks forward to recovery, demand from various market segments is placing pressure on the entire semiconductor supply chain. Much of the attention has been placed on the automotive and 5G markets, but it has also adversely impacted traditional markets such as industrial, energy, transportation, and defense. 

High volume components like IGBTs, MOSFETs, and Gate Drivers have been particularly affected.  These devices are extensively designed into power supplies, motor control, lighting, power inverters, battery charging, and similar applications. These assemblies are used in products produced for multiple market segments. Consequently, lead-times are increasing and, in some cases, are extending beyond 52 weeks.  

Rochester Electronics has available stock on over 800 million units of MOSFET, IGBT, and Gate Driver devices.  Our active and end-of-life inventory is 100% authorized and guaranteed from top suppliers in the industry. Though the selection is predominantly discrete components, made up of over 7000-part number options, it also includes over 50 thousand units of IGBT modules.

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