Inventory available for over 2,500-part numbers and over 10 million devices

ARM_Microprocessing_External Email_Sept-2Rochester Electronics supports long lifecycle availability of ARM microprocessors and microcontrollers by providing 100% authorized products through its partnerships with NXP, Texas Instruments, Infineon, Microchip/Atmel and Cypress.

Devices based on ARM core architectures allows design portability by providing a common instruction set and support tools. Using a variety of ARM processor cores, suppliers have developed solutions incorporating their own expertise, and intellectual property. This has resulted in a vast array of controllers, processors and applications specific SOCs. A large eco-system of Software and Development tools has been established to support these products and allow easy migration across platforms and into the next generation designs.  

Although design migrations have been eased,
OEMs continue to face concerns over long-term availability.  End-of-life (EOL) components may lead to board redesign and requalification on products that remain in production. Rochester is helping to mitigate this problem with our extensive inventory of ARM-based products. 

We have inventory available for over 2,500-part numbers and over 10 million devices.  This stock includes microcontrollers based on ARM7, ARM9, and a variety of Cortex-M cores.  In addition, there are processor-based products based on ARM11, a variety of Cortex-A cores and several multi-core products.  Rochester is continuously working with our valued suppliers to provide long-term support for these ARM-based products as well as other processors.


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