Providing an extensive range of IBM and NXP  devices

PowerPC_DEC2020.jpg?crop=false&position=c&q=100&color=ffffffff&u=bitava&w=2048&h=1365&retina=true -3As an authorized distributor and licensed manufacturer of select IBM and NXP end-of-life (EOL) PowerPC microprocessors, Rochester Electronics provides a continuous source of supply for the PowerPC family.  PowerPC microprocessors are a 32-bit and 64-bit architecture with multi-vendor support and an extensive ecosystem of software and development tools. These processors are designed to go into a variety of embedded applications including communications, networking, medical, automotive, and industrial products. 

A prime example of our continuous product support is a recent shipment of 50,000 units of the Rochester manufactured IBM25PPC750GLECR5H63V based on the IBM die. We were able to offer a solution that met the tight test screening requirements of the '63V' version and provide reliability testing to ensure the long-term product integrity to the end customer.  Rochester continues production on this device along with other derivatives.

Rochester’s PowerPC Product Portfolio Includes:

  • IBM: 25PPC405xxx, 25PPC603xxx, 25PPC750xxx
  • NXP: MPC5xx, MPC7xx, MPC82xx, MPC83xx, MPC85xx, MCP86xx, MPC87xx, MPC88xx, XPC8260, MPC603
  • Rochester Electronics: IBM25PPC750CL, IBM25PPC750CX, IBM25PPC750GX, IBM25PPC750GL, IBM25PPC750FX, and IBM25PPC750FL

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